Why Choose Us

OverwatchR is a cloud-based Cyber Security Management Platform which empowers security teams with industry leading capabilities in one central platform.

Threat Intelligence

AI driven analysis of multiple threat intelligence feeds to provide you with the latest actionable threat intelligence

Vulnerability Management and Classification

Manage vulnerabilities through to full patching with detailed reports on how to patch each vulnerability, saving teams critical research time

Intel Alerting

Rapid response alerts when intelligence feeds indicate a breach, leak, or planned attack against your organisation

Security Reporting

Security reporting including global threats, industry specific, and dedicated organisation specific intelligence reports

Save Time

We handle the investigation of threat intelligence and vulnerabilities, saving your team critical response time

Efficient Security Team Collaboration

Enable security teams to operate with optimal efficiency and central security co-ordination

Even The Smallest Teams Can Operate With World Class Efficiency

Dark Web Intelligence

We analyse an array of data feeds to identify threats to your organisaion and alert you in real time.

Vulnerability Analysis

We analyse the latest vulnerabilities and report on remediation activities so you don't have to!


24/7 Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring to identify risks and threats to your organisation.

World Class Security Management

Improve team efficiency by automating the time consuming analysis involved in day-to-day security management.